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Sweet Root Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used Historically for 'Bad Cells,' tumors and prevention, digestaid, build immunity, prevent flu, allergies.

Sweet Root (Calamus Root or Sweet Flag) is a beautiful, little, erect-standing, yellow-flowered, water loving plant has helped the most helpless of stomach and intestinal cases. Regular daily use of Sweet Root Pure Herbs Liquid Extract builds immunity; especially against the flu. Where sickness of known or unknown origin had reduced the body to skin and bones and a person could not gain weight back, Sweet Root Pure Herbs Liquid Extract has worked miracles. If frostbite, cover the area with Sweet Root Pure Herbs Liquid Extract and alternate warm, hot and cool cloths until circulation returns. Its action is especially centered on normal function of pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, liver, stomach, and intestinal tract.

Sweet Root proves the old rule: If you can just get them digesting their food again (good food, not junk food), they can get well regardless of how hopeless it looks. Many people can no longer digest grains, especially wheat. They eat their wheat bread or pasta or cereal and then it eats them. The lining of the intestines is dissolved. They become allergic, experience diarrhea and or terrible headaches and pains. Sweet Root Pure Herbs Liquid Extract corrects this.

Sweet Root Pure Herbs Liquid Extract cleans and repairs the organs of digestion, correcting for too much or not enough stomach acid. Then a person starts absorbing minerals and vitamins - the stomach is a stomach again. Tumors, cancers and swellings disappear; even cancers of the lung (here, additionally, Yarrow Pure Herbs Liquid Extract is also taken at the rate of 40 drops, 3 times per day). The pancreas, gall bladder, liver and small intestine digest the proteins needed for repair and regaining of weight and strength and a sparkle can be seen in the eyes. For serious conditions, take 40 drops, 3 times per day.

DOSE: Start with 10 drops per meal and gradually work up to 40 drops per meal, if needed. Sweet Root Pure Herbs Liquid Extract not only digests our food, it digests chronic accumulated "debris" out of the body. So, start slowly and use with a good bowel program (See: Cascara Sagrada, C.C.E.-W and Buckthorn) to remove this chronic "debris". By using a good bowel program, wastes are removed more frequently (two, and preferably, three times per day). This prevents re-absorption of wastes being cleaned out, and prevents "sick" feeling. You will note a pleasant difference with the digestion. To build immunity take 40 drops per day.
This information is about historical observations and historical information relating to herbs. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians. A person should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters of diagnosing, treating or curing dis-eases or other physical or mental conditions.

This information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration.

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