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KID.-W Kidney Pure Herbs


Product Description


KID.-W Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used Historically for Severe kidney problems, to restore function.

KID.-W is a formula for severe kidney problems, to restore function, even in those deemed "hopeless" and condemned to dialysis (die-al'-uh-sis, where there is a life threatening reduction of the kidneys ability to perform their function, and filtration must be accomplished by mechanical means). The finest nature has to offer is combined in this formula to fight infection, dissolve and clean out accumulated microscopic crystal splinters, and repair the kidney filters. For intensive use and quickest results in severe conditions, use KID.-W externally. Apply Vitamin E from 100 i.u. capsules over the entire kidney area and lower back. The kidneys are normally positioned slightly above and down, to slightly below the lowest ribs. Vitamin E makes oxygen to the area more efficient and provides "the breath of life" to the kidneys for repair. Next, apply Arnica to the area to remove the physical trauma. Then apply the herbal formula, Herbal Adj., to increase the circulation and reduce spasms of the area. If there is pain, also apply, directly to the skin, Peppermint Oil or Oil of Cajeput. These oils, along with Herbal Adj., absorb pain. Next, make ready a time-release preparation of kidney herbs by soaking a layer of absorbent gauze or cheese cloth with KID.-W and lay this over the area. Cover this with plastic sandwich wrap to form a thermal and moisture barrier. In general, the larger the area we work on, the greater the effect of the herbs. Finally, wrap a cloth all the way around the body to hold all in place. Leave on overnight. In the morning, remove the application and discard. (NEVER REUSE THE GAUZE OR CHEESE CLOTH APPLICATION, as it also draws poisons out of the body, as well as time-releasing the herbs into the body.) Wash the area and allow to dry. Then put on a daytime application. Repeat until well. KID.-W can also be used internally at the rate of 40 drops, 3 times per day. It should also be noted - when using KID.-W, an increased amount of fluids can be processed by the kidneys. To avoid protein starvation during the time of recovery, either rub on or give internally, 40 to 80 drops of either 5-GOOD (sprouted vegetable source of protein) or PROTEIN EXTRACT (predigested protein fraction of milk). Protein is necessary for repair of any debilitating condition, and if the body does not have an adequate source it will devour itself. KID.-W does offer hope and recovery. Use it and return to a productive life.

COMBINATION: Juniper Berries, Uva Ursi, Parsley, Dandelion Root, Chamomile.

DOSE: 40 drops, 3 times per day, with a full glass of water, and as given above.

NOTE: Occasionally, during "treatment" for kidney conditions, an odd occurrence takes place where, all of a sudden, the mineral potassium in the blood stream, on blood tests or urine tests, rises too high. This is "odd" for three reasons: first, supplemental potassium during this time is usually being given and should help to stabilize energy and muscular strength, not hinder them; secondly, because a sick person is not usually eating a high potassium diet and commonly deficient in this vital mineral and therefore "sick"; and third, in the typical diet, sodium levels are usually high due to its overabundance as a flavoring agent and preservative - this drives potassium out of the body. When the potassium levels go too high, this can be corrected by taking adrenal gland supplements so the adrenal cortex (outer layers of the adrenal glands) will function correctly and prevent potassium from being leached out from the insides of the cells of the body-a very serious condition.

This information is about historical observations and historical information relating to herbs. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians. A person should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters of diagnosing, treating or curing dis-eases or other physical or mental conditions.

This information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration.

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